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10 reasons why we need your vote for a fair, workable Copyright for the future of Europe's press

1. Two years-worth of democratic debate and scrutiny have resulted in a fair compromise for both content creators on the one hand, and platforms on the other;

2. Important exceptions have been written into the text to ensure that:

  • the link is safe and readers can continue to share links as they did before

  • Wikipedia is out of scope

  • Memes and Gifs can be used

  • there will be no censorship of the internet

3. Very short extracts can be displayed, including commercially;

4. News publishers, who carry the commercial risk and legal liability, will be able to monetise better their own content and therefore be incentivised to invest further in professional journalism;

5. Publishers of all sizes from the smallest to the largest will benefit from the Publisher’s Right;

6. Journalists will benefit directly from the Publisher’s Right;

7. Publishers will have the right to set terms and conditions for others to re-use their content commercially, as is only fair and appropriate;

8. This text provides legal certainty for all users: consumers, platforms and creators, including publishers;

9. A new complaints mechanism will deal with the unlawful blocking of uploaded content

10. The stakes are extremely high: your vote is essential for the future of the entire content-creating sector and, most crucially, for the future of a healthy, democracy-enhancing, diverse, professional and independent press.

There is no more time for amendments: if you want to support creators and publishers in Europe you have to act now!

We hope that this information and insight will make a valuable contribution to the political debate on our sector, and that, If you are committed to a democratic Europe with a strong media landscape, you will feel inspired to get involved with our initiative,



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