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EPC and 93 other CCS organisations demand increased investments for Europe’s Recovery Plan

On 17 June, EPC and 93 other Cultural, Media and Creative Sector organisations, published a joint letter addressed to European leaders in calling for increased investment in Europe’s next generation by investing in culture. The EPC joined in supporting the €2.8bn budget proposal from the European Parliament.

The Cultural and Creative Industries are one of the most hard hit sectors due to the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it is time to make sure the viability of a future CCS sector is secured.

During the past few weeks, cultural and creative activities have begun to resume operations in a new normal, however, operating at full capacity is still far from a reality.

Although news media has continued to bring the news, analysis, advice and entertainment to readers across the world, undoubtedly media has been particularly hard during the crisis. Support for a sustainable future to ensure diversity across the sector including at the all-important local level is therefore essential and EPC will continue discussions directly with the European Commission to support members’ actions at national level.

The letter can be found below and by following this link.

Download • 3.21MB


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