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EPC position of the on the Regulation on transparency of political advertising

The EPC welcomes the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising to the extent that the proposal is aiming to bridge the regulatory gap that exists between traditional media, which are legally liable, and platforms, to which no rules apply today. Rectifying those imbalances should be the priority of the Regulation.

Safeguarding democracy and the well-functioning of its institutions is of paramount importance, but the proposal needs some amendments in order to strike a fair balance and ensure that the obligations therein are both proportionate, and sustainable for the longer term.

Considering the current (geo)political climate, wherein disinformation is ever-increasing and rule of law concerns persist, political advertising holds a considerable weight and there must be a level-paying field for all. Professional media play a paramount role in this respect, ensuring visibility of legitimate candidates running for elections, or to showcasing campaigns from official political parties and supporters. Indeed, media provide the space for public debate and provide citizens with access to multiple views and wide, accurate information that is essential to the making of informed and conscious choices.

Access our full position below:

EPC position on Political Ads Regulation
Download PDF • 209KB


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