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Know Your Business Customer: EPC joins signatories across sectors in a letter to the EC

On 21 September, European Publishers Council joined a variety of signatories across sectors addressing a letter to the European Commission. The list of recipients include Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner Thierry Breton, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner Didier and the Directorate-Generals DG Grow and DG EAC.

The letter calls for the inclusions of the “Know Your Business Customers” (KYBC) obligation as a real and tangible solution to reduce illegal content with minimal burdens on intermediaries and legitimate businesses, which highlights some of the concerns various industry members have in light of a limited view of including only online marketplace in the Digital Services Act (DSA) Inception Impact Assessment.

By revising the e-Commerce Directive and updating rules for online platforms offers an extraordinary opportunity for the decision-makers to rectify the negative consequences from ignoring Article 5 of the e-Commerce Directive with impunity.

To read the whole letter see below.  

2020 09 21 KYBC cross sector letter
Download PDF • 516KB


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