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Press Briefing: publishers in the digital age

On 14 September, the Commission is expected to publish a copyright reform package containing draft legal texts and an overarching Communication including a related right for press publishers. This new right aims to provide legal protection by introducing rights at EU

level to protect the unauthorised reproduction and making available of publishers’ press publications, in the context of the digital world.

To remain competitive and independently financed in the EU, publishers need to be able to compete effectively and profitably on all platforms, which requires clear rights that are recognised in the market. The current lack of clarity benefits those third parties that want to freeride on the press publishers’ investment. The introduction of a publisher’s right at such a

critical time for the digital transformation of the press is therefore welcomed by the four European press publishers associations - EMMA, ENPA, EPC and NME – which represent the interests of thousands of newspaper and magazine publishers across the EU.

The following is a description of what our associations are asking for when we talk about a

“publisher’s right”. In addition, we wanted to respond to some of the myths that have been

put forward as part of a vigorous anti-copyright campaign that is being waged against any

such proposal.

Download the full Press Briefing with the FAQs.



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