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A Joint effort to help young people understand more about online advertising

European Interactive Direct Advertising Alliance (EDAA) coupled up with Media Smart to design educational resources that help young people to get smart with online advertising. The new resource is called ‘How to manage your online advert experience’.

With the help of the resource, the students will be familiarised with digital advertising and provide tools for their own online advertising management.

Angela Mills Wade, EPC Executive Director and EDAA Chair, stated: “We are very enthusiastic about this new educational resource providing a visual and accessible way for young consumers to learn more about how advertising works online and the role it plays in the economy. The launch in the UK today is a direct response to in-depth research conducted by EDAA on European consumer attitudes towards digital advertising since GDPR. EDAA is committed to consumer education across all ages, as it is fundamental to building trust, understanding and public interaction towards a vital economic driver in the UK, Europe and globally.”

To have an introduction to the resource have a look at this video.

You may read about the tool more from EDAA’s press release, found here.



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