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EPC position on the DSA consultation: Need for targeted regulation of global platforms

On 8 September, the European Publishers Council (EPC) submitted its position and response to the Digital Services Act consultation questionnaire.

EPC members are the watchdogs of democracy by representing the free and independently funded media to ensure that our democratic system remains healthy, uncorrupted and functional. In our contemporary society, the role of the free press sector ever so critical to hold the powers in check.

Our response focuses on three essential issues:

  1. Duopoly over digital advertising revenue,

  2. Lack of transparency and liability online, and

  3. The debate and information that is mediated by the commercial policies of mega platforms.

Below you may find the access to the press statement and our response to the consultation below.

2020 09 09 Why Europe's free press needs
Download • 42KB
EPC Contribution to DSA Consultation_Sep
Download • 303KB


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