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European media organisations issue a joint statement on the Digital Services Act proposal

On 22 June, European Publishers Council (EPC) together with a group of European media organisations issued a joint statement welcoming the European Commission’s Proposal on the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the proposed provisions aimed to create a safer, fairer and more transparent online environment.

The signatories want the European decision makers to impose more responsibilities on global online platforms – which have long ceased to be mere providers of technological infrastructure – and make them more accountable by reflecting their market power, daily mass reach and influence on societies. It is time to restore trust in the online environment and provide a safe space where the media can fulfil its broader democratic function.

The key issue elaborated on in the joint statement:

  1. Ensure that “what is illegal offline should be illegal online”

  2. Protect the editorial freedom of media organisations

  3. Ensure proper brand attribution of media content.

  4. Further enhance transparency in the online environment by extending the know-your-business-customer obligation

  5. Further enhance the transparency of platform operators’ recommender systems

  6. Oblige platform operators to set clear, transparent, non-discriminatory, unambiguous and predictable terms and conditions

  7. Clarify the interplay with sector-specific laws and the Member States’ competence to regulate.

  8. Ensure proper enforcement of the DSA rules

  9. Ensure the sustainability of the press and media.

To read the whole statement, please see below.

2021 06 22 European Media Joint Industry
Download • 90KB


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